[lammps-users] Crack problem

Hi All
I am simulating crack in mode I fracture mechanics. I am crated crack in ovito and now running in lammps with read data command. I am encounter error like

velocity all create 300 12345 mom yes rot no
ERROR: Atom IDs must be consecutive for velocity create loop all (…/velocity.cpp:273)
Last command: velocity all create 300 12345 mom yes rot no

In this case what should be velocity command as I am referred documentation but did not get anything.

Thank you, I will do that. How to get atom id in consecutive manner in ovito.

You should redefine the atoms ID in a consecutive manner (1:N, for example) after creating the crack geometry.
you can assign the initial velocity by running without crack and then proceed to create the crack in ovito from the saved data. Run the crack simulation without using the velocity command.

That you have to find it out in ovito or you can write a simple Matlab/python script to assign new atoms id.

Ok, thanks.

You need to improve your documentation reading skills.
There are multiple options for the loop keyword in the velocity command. Very obviously the default setting is not compatible with your input geometry.

Besides, there also is the reset_atom_ids command mentioned in the manual that can resolve the problem with the default loop.

Thank you, I will do that.