[lammps-users] create edge dislocation with another method

Hello everyone
I introduced dislocation in LAMMPS by removing 1/2 plane. but in FCC Aluminum, I want to create dislocation by dividing the box into two half crystal with N and N-1 plane and then minimizing it, according to the Osetsky method. I have no idea about how to create dislocation by this method, although it is mentioned in the paper that I attached here.

How do I model this with MD? thanks to help me.

The Osetsky method paper: https://doi.org/10.1088/0965-0393/11/4/302

You have asked the exact same question in the MatSci forum and received a competent and suitable answer by a very experienced LAMMPS user and developer: https://matsci.org/t/create-an-edge-dislocation-in-lammps/40847/3

If this is not suitable for your needs, you should at the very least have the courtesy to explain why and give that feedback in the forum.