[lammps-users] Creating lammps as a library on a mac

Hi everyone,

I'm running into a problem when trying to create lammps as a library on my
mac (Mac OSX v 10.5.8). When I execute the command

make makelib

my system touches Makefile.lib (ie it gets a new date and time stamp), but
does not overwrite the SRC and INC sections. Given the lammps documentation,
I would think this is a wildcard issue, although I have no problem creating
the normal executable (lmp_mac), which I thought also uses the wildcard

Has anybody run into this problem? If so, what was your solution?


Jon Zimmerman

I managed to figure this out. It seems that the tab character '\t' does not
work properly for the version of sed on Mac OS. Instead, I modified those
lines in Make.csh to use <CTRL>-V + tab, which inserts a tab, e.g.

sed -i -e "s/SRC = .*/SRC = $list1/" Makefile.lib

This then successfully updates the Makefile.lib file, and then the library
can be built.

Jon Z.

Just posted a patch for this