[lammps-users] cutting force

Hello Steve:

I am making a nano-cutting simulation with diamond tool and copper workpiece recently.

I had wanted the simulation to output the cutting force between a rigid tool and a and thermostat workpiece. I get the fx.fy.fz values by the command at the end of the input file:

The command is stated below:

Compute 1 mobile sum reduce fx fy fz .

However, the result is inconceivability for the values are strange – the foreside is positive and the other part is negative. Contrarily, most of the papers show that the result is always positive after some steps when the cutting is stabile and the experiment results are also firmly convinced.

On my way, I think the compute command outputs the force between copper atoms and copper atoms in workpiece, and the force between copper atoms (in workpiece) and diamond atoms (in tool).

At last , I really need your help. I want to know that which command I should select to output the force between the copper atoms in workpiece and the force between diamond atoms and the copper atoms (In anther word, I want the simulation computes the cutting force that workpiece exert to tool.).

The result has been plotted below.

Thank you

cutting force.jpg