[lammps-users] difficult question

Hi all users,
I’m trying to run diss part dynamics simulation and i got the following problem:
i got three king of atoms. atom 1 in flow and 2,3 in walls. i first use same density and aij in fluid and walls. i get the temperature profile and temperature is much larger according to the initial value (temp=1). I then try to change the aij values as u will see in the attached file and again temperature is not o.k. Am i doing something wrong??? Thanks very much in advance.Marie
I also use bounce back conditions in my input script but i get the same problem even if i use them or not. Do i have to change gamma when i change the aij value? what about the way i calculate the velocity? Is that ok?
I also tried to increase wall density in walls and of course temperature got much larger. Is there any way to keep temperature equal to 1 when i’m getting the temperature profile by the fix ave/spatial command? THAAAAAAAAAAAAANKSSSSSSSSS

dpd (1.38 KB)