[lammps-users] Dislocation energy

Dear Lammps users,
I am trying to compare the amount of dislocation generated by using different indenter shapes in nanoindentation of single crystal elements. Is there any method in LAMMPS/OVITO/ATOMEYE by which we can determine the “Total length of dislocation” or “Energy associated with dislocation” or “dislocation length/unit volume” to quantify the amount of dislocations generated during nanoindentation.

a) you have to first look up how these properties you name are defined in the context that you are interested in. the names by themselves are too generic by themselves without context.
b) to compute distance or energy based properties of atoms or the whole system, you may use atom or equal style variables in combination with thermo properties, fix store/state, compute reduce, groups and more. some general examples are in the manual, but what you need for your specific purpose most likely will need you to come up with your own expressions.