[lammps-users] Don't want to gate mail

Myself Koushik Mondal. My mail box is full so I request you not to add this mail .

Thanking you

You have subscribed yourself and you need to unsubscribe yourself as well.
The link in the footer of all mailing list emails takes you to the web page where you can do both.

p.s.: out of curiosity. how can it be that the lammps mailing list is overflowing your mail box? I have my google account for over 10 years and have been subscribed to the mailing list and have kept all mailing emails (and most other emails) for easy searching in that time, yet I am still not over the limit. so if your mailbox is full, it is likely not due to the lammps-users emails. the mailing list processor imposes a limit of < 1MB on individual messages, so it would take a very large number of those to fill up > 10GB.