[lammps-users] Dump dcd of non-matching # of atoms error

I’ve doing the job for deforming the material using LAMMPS.
But it showed following error message at 1/4 of the total steps.

Dump dcd of non-matching # of atoms

It means the number of atom is changed during the process but I don’t know what’s the problem.
I’ve also tested the the most latest version of LAMMPS but it showed the same message.

Would you let me know what’ the reason for it generally and what I should do for it?

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Well, apparently you lost atoms during your simulation. If you do thermo
output it will throw an error when this happens (on the thermo output timestep),
unless you set thermo_modify lost ignore. If this is bad, you need to
figure out why it is happening. If this is OK, you can't use dcd output,
since it requires a constant N, so you'd have to use another output format.


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