[lammps-users] EAM Aluminium Potential


First of all I am not sure that these are my potentials. I submitted just two Al potentials to LAMMPS: one in the file Al1.eam.fs and another one in the file Al-Fe.eam.fs. It seems to me that you use different files (based on names) and you use EAM potentials while I submitted FS potentials (while it is physically the same for one-component system, LAMMPS uses different formats for these types of potentials). Please, check this and let me know whether you indeed use my potentials. In this case we will check step by step whether they are correctly implemented.

Sincerely yours


Thanks for looking into this for us. I thought that you had
contributed the Al_vtr.eam and Al_u9.eam potentials, but apparently
not. Thanks anyway.