[lammps-users] Error in lammps installation

I have installed lammps and packages required for lammps like openmpi, fftw, mpich and installed lammps with following commands

sudo make serial
sudo make mpi
sudo make

and then I tried
sudo make mpi yes-all

I have an error as follows
ERROR: Unrecognized atom style ‘angle’ is part of the MOLECULE package which is not enabled in this LAMMPS binary. (…/atom.cpp:706)

Rakesh K.

the behavior you see is what I would expect based on the commands you quoted. so the error is on your side.

  1. it is very, very, VERY bad idea to put sudo in front of commands that do not need it. you can very easily corrupt your entire linux system and mess up permissions with a simple typo (not just by yourself but also in the scripts and commands that you run this way). on top of that all created files will have root permissions and thus force you to use sudo for all following commands or else you get permission errors. there is no need to use sudo for compilation. ever.

  2. you have to pay closer attention to the instructions in the LAMMPS manual about compiling especially when compiling additional packages. the manual explicitly warns against combining the yes/no targets with the build targets. on top of that you were using them in the wrong order.

since you obviously are lacking experience in compiling software and reading and following instructions for manual compilation steps, I would strongly recommend that you wipe out the entire LAMMPS source folder, unpack or clone it again and then use the CMake based build procedure and build LAMMPS with either the “minimal” or “most” preset. CMake can tell you when prerequisites are missing while in the traditional make based build procedure you need to know what you are doing.