[lammps-users] Error in using the ATC package for Amorphous Carbon

Dear Lammps Users,
I would like to use the atc package for amorphous carbon structures. I am using the in.bar1d code for an amorphous carbon structure. I have generated my amorphous carbon structure and I have generated input data for the atom trajectories. Since the structure is amorphous and not lattice I have commented the lattice command which is there in the in.bar1d code. but when i go through with the simulation I receive the error message:
DiagonalMatrix::inv(): (0,0)=0, right at the beginning.
I do not understand what this is and why I am getting this error.
Melika Vokhshoori

Please see the documentation of the lattice command of what its impact is. Its usage is not dependent on simulation of a crystal structure.