[lammps-users] error message

I am trying to run parallely on 2 processors but for some reason it gives me an error message…

[venkat@…161… melt]$ mpirun -v -c 2 lmp_linpol<in.melt
LAMMPS (12 Apr 2006)
Created box = (0 0 0) to (33.5919 33.5919 33.5919)
1 by 1 by 1 processor grid
Created 32000 atoms
17561 lmp_linpol running on n0 (o)
LAMMPS (12 Apr 2006)
17562 lmp_linpol running on n0 (o)

If you're getting the line "LAMMPS (12 Apr 2006)"
twice in your output, then MPI is not running the job correctly.
Only proc 0 should print that message.

I think all the problems you have been posting recently are really
MPI problems, not LAMMPS issues. I suggest you do some
tests of your MPI installation, with test files provided with MPI.
Or see if you can write a simple 5-line MPI program and
get it to run correctly on your system. Once you
cross that hurdle, LAMMPS should run just fine.