[lammps-users] Error running parallel

Hi, I'm having a problem which I've spent a lot of time condensing down into a test case.

Fortunately I have two parallel envs I can run on - I found that it ran fine on lmp_serial in both environments, and a lmp_linux binary on one system, but fails on a lmp_tbird2 build on another (you can see which method it fails in on the output in the attachment, something like _ZN9LAMMPS_NS12PairLJCutOpt7computeEii+0xb6)[0x52f2fc], as well as the input file which might be handy.)

What could be the reason for this kind of failure? Is it possibly related to disk space issues? I've strictly been a user only so far of parallel systems, any ideas would be helpful.


submit.tgz (1.58 KB)

Please describe what the problem consists of,
and how it fails. I don't want to look at a tarball
to understand the basic issue.