[lammps-users] Error while running LAMMPS

Hello Everyone
I am beginner to use LAMMPS, I am facing problem while running very first calculation. I have installed the things and looks like environment is set correctly. kindly look through the terminal output. (I am using built in terminal inside windows 10)
lmp -var f tmp.out -log my.log -screen none -in in.dipole

This is a self-inflicted problem, since you are using the command line flag ā€œ-screen noneā€ and thus cannot see any errors and warnings that LAMMPS is printing.
The most likely reason for the abort is an error in your input, but the only output you get is the confirmation from the MPI library that LAMMPS has been aborted (which can only happen if there was an error).

Please remember, that when reporting errors, it is highly recommended to provide the exact LAMMPS version that you are using (best the first part of the output of ./lmp -h) and ideally also attach the input that causes the problem.