[lammps-users] Errors making LAMMPS-- libcore.a, etc "not of required architecture"?

Hi Luke,

I also have a Mac OS X machine, which I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6). When trying to make the most recent version of LAMMPS I had plenty of complaints about "file is not of required architecture", and also when trying to install other Unix packages.

I am in no way an expert on this, but at least I know it has to do with the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of various packages, and that they do not communicate too well. After struggling a lot with various packages both in general and with the package manager Fink in particular, I did a clean install of my system last weekend, and now there are no more complaints about "file is not of required architecture". It might be that some other fixes or just reinstallation of some packages could to the trick, but I do not have any specific tips, unfortunately. However, I do not think LAMMPS is the problem here - probably there is something strange or wrong in your own system, especially if you have also upgraded to Snow Leopard.

Good luck though!


Thanks for the help. I've successfully made lammps without the reax package.

I'm now getting a new error unfortunately when I try to add the reax package-- the reax package makefile defaults to making libreax.a for 32 bit Intel and I can't see an option to force it to make it 64 bit (I have a 64 bit Intel processor). I think this is the source of the "file is not of required architecture" errors (I'm now getting one of those for libreax.a when I try to make lammps). Any ideas on how to account for this? Thanks

Luke Erickson

lib/reax/Makefile is your file to edit for your box. Presumably you
can set flags to make 32 or 64 bit, as you wish. What makes you
think there is something in one of the reax Makefiles for 32 bit?