[lammps-users] example of makefile

I am trying to install lammps in my pc ,because some times the server is down in order to run some simulations, but i face some difficulties on how to properly alter the makefile. i am not a linux expert so my knowledge is very limited.Is there any example somewhere because i tried to find one in the lammps site but i didn’t manage. perhaps one of yours just to have it as an example to alter it in my pc?


there are several examples in the LAMMPS distribution itself.
check out the MAKE directory. those are the files to be changed.
other than that, i suggest you find a _local_ linux expert. without
telepathic capabilities or physical access it is next to impossible
to know what to change on a remote machine.

the requirements for LAMMPS are minimal and linux related
tutorials are a plenty on the web. it just takes more time to do
it like this, but it will be worth it.


2010/4/7 Jim panathinaikos <[email protected]>:

I'd start with src/MAKE/Makefile.linux and read doc/Section_start.html.
It explains each section of the Makefile, and common problems
people run into.


2010/4/7 Jim panathinaikos <[email protected]>: