[lammps-users] example/pour in lammps-15Jun07

Hi all,

The test problems in "example/pour" don't work in lammps-15Jun07. Here
is the output:

This is fixed in the latest release (22 Jun 07).


dear lammps users
i am trying to run couette flow problem (sheared LJ fluid system) , simulation runs perfectly, but when i tried to visualize using xmovie
it is not showing that wall particles are moving

this happens when i run for large number of time steps(10 lakh steps,storing dump file at time interval of 5000 steps), but for 1000 steps it is showing wall particle movement

any reason for this ?

i am using 2nd july 07 version

thanks and regards


Could you by any chance be shearing with a period of 5000 steps? Or maybe
that your wall atoms have moved exactly one position in 5000 steps?


If the flow atoms are moving, the wall is certainly moving.
If it doesn't "look" like it's moving, then it's a viz artifact,
as Pieter suggests.