[lammps-users] Exclusion List

I am not using any special potential. My force field has bonds, angles, and simple Lennard-Jones pairwise potentials. (it is a coarse-grained system)

“Most of the standard potential models assume that atoms four or more bonds apart will experience the same forces as if they were intermolecular”

This is something that I don’t want. I want to exclude all pairwise LJ interactions within the molecules. they disturb the stability of molecules that I have .I only need LJ pairs between molecules.
It is hard to exclude with atom types. I used to exclude these pairs with their molecule/atom ids in other packages. However I cannot exclude any atom pairs with their atom ids in LAMMPS.
I have to use either type or groups in LAMMPS. It also doesn’t let me group more than 32 groups.
There should be a simple way of excluding all LJ pairwise interactions within the molecules.