[lammps-users] FE-force in AtC

Dear lammps users
Fe_force is one of the output parameters in elastic physic of AtC. So what’s this parameter?
i want to find stress in finite element region. So how can i do it?

There is not enough context here to provide any meaningful response.
There is no mention of an “FE_Force” term anywhere in the LAMMPS documentation.

The ATC documentation is somewhat limited by nature of it being a complex piece of software (and the fact that the project was discontinued before a more complete and detailed documentation had been written). You need to treat it like “abandoned software” and thus it requires to:

  • carefully study the associated publications
  • read and study the comments and implementation in the source code
  • create simple test systems with known results to verify your usage and interpretation of inputs and outputs
  • contact the ATC developers in case of specific questions (you won’t likely find many people with sufficient knowledge here), but be aware of people having moved on since the project ended many years ago and thus not answering to the referenced email addresses.