[lammps-users] Feature request: more verbose on errors


It would be very nice, if errors like: “ERROR: Illegal compute command” etc would contain a linenumber / the total line of the input script. In my local version i made some small changes to do so. Are there plans to include sth like this in the main version?




how about just sending your changes to steve for inclusion?

that is what i do. sometimes he does not agree with them, so
i keep them in my own version until i can come up with a more
convincing version. more often the changes are integrated,
sometimes with minor adjustments.


You can use the command-line switch "-echo screen" which will
print every line as the input script is read. Or put "echo screen" in
your input script. Or look at the log file which echoes every line by


This is a better solution :slight_smile:

/thx: Gerolf

2008/3/6, Steve Plimpton <sjplimp@…24…>: