[lammps-users] fix ave/spatial command

Dear Lammps’s users,
I would like to ask how i can estimate the velocity profile in different x coordinates. For me calculation i had the following:
fix 1 all ave/spatial 10 10 y 0,0 0,17 velprofile.txt atom vx norm sample
But it’s not clear to me how i can give this profile by this command in different x coordinates, for example at x=0,0, x=1,00 e.t.c.
Thanks in advance. Jim

Fix ave/spatial will compute a velocity profile at a series of
x coordinates, i.e. bins in the x dimension. So if you
setup the bins at the positions and thickness you want,
you can get a profile at different coords.

Or you can use the command multiple times if you need to.


2008/5/4 ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ ΛΑΔΑΣ <[email protected]...>: