[lammps-users] fix ave/spatial command

hello ,everyone. i am confused with its description like " The global
vector is of length N= nplayer * nvalues ,where nplayers is the number
of layers and nvalues is the number of values per layer that the fix
is averaging. When accessed by another output command, a single index
M is specified which is mapped into a layer I as I=M/nvalues + 1 and
into value J as J = M%nvalues +1 . if I exceeds the current number of
layers than a 0.0 is returned by the fix instead of an error, since
the number of layers can vary as a simulation runs ,depending on the
simulation box size."

now my questions are

1. how to count the number of nplayer? if it equals the length of box
divided by the detal?

2 the number of the listed value in commad just is the nvalues?

3 if the writted error is then ,not than?

4 how to correct understand the I and J ? how to calculated them ?

5 how to mapped the M into I and J?

6 what is the format of the file produced by this fix?

very thanks for your response

I would play with the command and write some
output and access some of the values as f_name[n]
where you vary N. I think it will become
clear what the command is outputting when you re-read
the doc page. Basically alll of the fix's values have to be
accessed as a 1d vector.


2008/11/5 H.Q. Lu <[email protected]...>: