[lammps-users] fix aveforce and different masses

Hi all,
fix aveforce is very useful and works fine during minimization or
during run, when all atoms in the group have the same mass. As the
manual says, this fix "is useful for pushing on wall or boundary atoms
so that the structure of the wall does not change over time." I have
such a wall with two types of atoms and I tried to find the easiest
way to prevent the structure of the wall from changing. (I know about
fix rigid, but it does also integration)
I ended up with using different atom types with fake masses for the
wall, and it works, but just would like to note that for systems with
different atoms (different masses) aveforce is probably not useful and
averaging accelerations would be a nice feature.


You should be able to get fix rigid to do this, since
you do need integration one way or the other.
I'll think about an accel option to fix ave force.