[lammps-users] fix deform

I was using the following fix deform command to change the volume of
the box. It was working perfectly fine last week, now it does not
change the volume, however, the pressure changes (as expected). I am
using the same data file too. Initial box is -15.536164 15.536164 on
all directions.

fix 1 all deform 1 x final -10.844961 10.844961 y final
-10.844961 10.844961 z final -10.844961 10.844961 units box

Can't find the mistake? Converting the bin data file using
restart2data.cpp. Box sizes show -15.536164 15.536164 on all sides.


I presume you actually did a run so that the fix deform
command has a change to operate. Are you saying
that after a run, the box size hadn't changed at
all? I find that hard to believe. If so, please post
a simple input script that illustrates the problem.