[lammps-users] fix deform


When I do simulation in a periodic orthogonal box, I want to change the objects concentration through changing box volume . My object is particles fixed with fix rigid command. When I do simulation I use fix deform command to change box volume, BUT I also find the objects’
shape changed. It gives me a false result. Why? any other commands for changing volume ? Thanks in advance.

As the fix rigid doc page discusses, if you use "remap x" with fix rigid,
the centers-of-mass of the rigid particles should be remapped when
you deform the box. Does this not do what you want?


Dear Steve,
I only want to change rigid concentration through changing volume with deform command, and don,t want to change the rigid object shape. I use fix deform … xyz -10 10 …,and didn,t use remap arg.

any more suggestion. Thanks a lot

2008/3/24, Steve Plimpton <[email protected]>: