[lammps-users] fix GCMC

Hello Axel,

I have a question about fix GCMC.

I want to calculate the adsorption of CO2 on a dense polymer film such as PET or PBT.

I want to know would I performed it by fix GCMC, or this fix is appropriate only for porous polymer such as TR, PIM and so on.

I should to say your answer is so important for me, because I should change my software and it is much time consuming for me.

Great thanks.

Whether LAMMPS or some other software is more (or at all) suitable for your specific project is a decision that you have to make yourself.
In order to guide your decision, you need to make tests while comparing to published results for similar applications and survey the published literature for similar studies and check what tools and approaches were used there.

How much time you spend on something is not a factor that should matter for the decision of what is a suitable approach or not.