[lammps-users] fix heat/region command

To heat a group of atoms in a geometric region, I add the two files “fix_heat_region.cpp” and “fix_heat_region.h” into LAMMPS.
The usage of “fix heat/region command” is like “fix heat command” , which can be seen in the following:

We can use it like this:
### fix heat/region commandSyntax:

<br>fix ID group-ID heat/region region-ID N eflux <br><br>

- ID, group-ID are documented in fix command
- heat/region = style name of this fix command
- region-ID = ID of region to use for choosing atoms
- N = add/subtract heat every this many timesteps
- eflux = rate of heat addition or subtraction (energy/time units)

<br>fix 1 all heat/region up 1 -50.0<br>

<br> <br>

<br>Xiaoliang Zhang<br>

<br>CAS, China<br>