[lammps-users] Grains in Silo

Dear LAMMPS users,
Anybody there who knows about simulation in Granular physics? I want to study the outcomes of different diameters of glass beads in silo. Can it be possible using LAMMPS?
Sincerely yours,

Yes, LAMMPS has granular potentials and boundary conditions. See
the pub page for several papers using granular models.


Hi Ram,
I did study the silo system using LAMMPS, and found that the particle diameter has a minimal influence on the discharge rate, which could also be seen from well known Beverloo correlation.

You can refer to following paper for more about DEM study on silos,

Predicting discharge dynamics from a rectangular hopper using discrete element method (DEM)”, Chemical Engineering Science, 63 (2008) 5821-5830.