[lammps-users] Granular Matter Visualization

Hello lammps-users,

Installing and testing LAMMPS-15JAN-2010 on my dual core macine running
under Opensuse 11.2 was very successful either for serial and parallel
versions. Actually, I would like to make snapshots and animations for
granular matter systems (/examples/pour) with PyMol, VMD or Paraview and
I'm a bit lost in the jungle of the output formats. It would be great if
someone can explain to me how to figure this out.

Thank you,

LAMMPS will directly output several formats that VMD can read (native,
DCD, xyz).
For Paraview, I think you need VTK format. The Pizza.py tool will
convert to that.
Don't know about PyMol input format. You might also want to look at AtomEye
which is great for non-bio systems. It takes CFG files which LAMMPS can
also write directly or Pizza.py will convert.