[lammps-users] granular particles - data file?

Dear all,

the LAMMPS documentation suggests that it is possible to use a data file
also for granular particles. Is anybody willing to share a short example
for such a file with me?

I would like to specify the coordinates/radii of hard spheres, and get rid
of the "insert" fix.

Viele Grüße / Best regards,
Dr. Frank Heilmann

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Dr. Heilmann,

Try the “in.chute” example in the lammps/bench directory in the LAMMPS distribution. There is a “data.chute” file in the same directory that you could use as an example data file.

You can delete any fix commands that you do not want. You’ll want to have at least one fix (i.e. fix nve) in order to perform the integration.

Best wishes,