[lammps-users] Granular potentials

Dear Forum,

I was have one simple question about the ‘pair_style granular’ options,

I am interested in doing simulations of granular systems with the JKR forcefields. This pair_style takes 4 main parameters: Young modulus (E), coeficient of resitution (e) or damping prefactor, Poisson ratio (v), and surface potential (g).

As far as I understand the young modulus is defined as an effective parameter calculated from the individual young modulus and poisson ratios of the individual materials taking part in the interaction. However, then I dont get what to input as the Poisson ratio parameter in the pair_style. Is it also geometrically averaged as explained in mixing section of (https://docs.lammps.org/pair_granular.html)?

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The documentation of the granular pair style contains many references to related publications. I suggest you start by studying those and related literature cited by those publications and perhaps also look at publications that use the granular pair style.

Beyond that, your best chances to get more specific answers are to read the source code (for the mixing question) or contact the contributing authors (should be listed in the source).