[lammps-users] Has anyone used lmp2arc tool

Dear Lammps users,

Has anyone used lmp2arc tool ?

I tried the examples using water8.car and water8.pos files, which work OK.
But when I try to run the tool for my output files it does not work.

I see the difference is in the format of the position file.

The water8.pos file has some other tags apart from the x y z coordinates, atom
type and atom id, I think connectivity information.

Whereas my dump file is in xyz format which has the coordinates and atom types.

How do I generate the position file in lammps in the same format as in
water8.pos file given in the example ?

I could not find any mention about this output file format in lammps

Thanks for help,


I don't use these tools - they are also pretty old,
so it's not surprising something might be broken.
If you fix them, send a copy and we'll patch the