[lammps-users] How to apply electric field in lammps

Dear lammps users I want to ask is it possible to compute rdf using Yukawa potential by varying electric field in lammps? Can anyone share input script in which electric field is applied?

you have been asking the same kind of question (with minor variations) for over a month now and at each step displayed a significant lack of training and understanding of basics of MD simulations and their models and more.

it is very apparent that you need significant personal tutoring and training in those theoretical basics and basic understanding of MD simulations and how to translate information from the documentation and publications to actual working simulations. you will not gain that kind of training and insight from this mailing list or some input file.

you need to talk to your adviser about getting proper training. if your adviser does not feel confident in providing that to you they should look for a suitable collaborator that you may interact with and that has an interest and some experience in your area of research.

to answer your questions: computing the rdf is completely independent from using the yukawa potential or applying an electric field. also how to use each of those is independent from each other.
how to use each of those is explained in the manual.