[lammps-users] how to replace a compute/variable command

Dear Lammps developers,

I have an input file in which I apply a damping force to a set of atoms:

variable fdvar atom mult(0.7,sub(vx,0.001))
compute fd g_pullingblock variable/atom fdvar
fix f3c g_pullingblock addforce c_fd NULL NULL

how can this be done in the new lammps ?
I have seen that the compute variable/atom was deleted but there is no clear description of how can one replace it. I looked here:


it says:

The following commands are deleted in this version, since they have been replaced by more general output options: "fix gran/diag", "compute epair/atom", "compute ebond/atom", "compute variable/atom", "compute variable", "compute sum/atom", and "compute attribute/atom".

the link that underlines the "output options" in this sentence is a broken link:

As you can see I am not using the compute/variable for an output.
Please let me know which new command can do this same thing.


Fix addforce does not take a compute as an argument, so I'm
unclear on what you are trying to do. Compute variable/atom
is no longer a command because an atom-style variable
can be used as input by any command that used to only
take computes as inputs - e.g. fix ave/spatial, fix ave/atom.