[lammps-users] How to simulate unloading process?

Hi everyone,

A question about a test. Which command can be used to simulate
unloading process of nanowire after loading? Could you please tell
me the detailed process how to do so?

Many thanks for your help.

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Fix deform will change the box shape/volume. Or you could
pull on the ends of the wire with fix addforce (or just give
them a velocity and turn off the force on them).


Hi bo,

In the previous work, someone has used strain controlled “unloading” after the uniaxial tensile loadiing, which is actually compression. The reference you may want to look at is:

Liang and Zhou, PRB, 73,115409, 2006. Liang and Zhou, Nano Letters; 5(10), 2005.

Wether or not this is the same as the experimental case is up to you to figure out.