[lammps-users] hybrid atom_style with granular atoms

Dear Steve and Lammps-users,

I'm interested in using a hybrid granular and lj atom style, but
currently, the granular types do not work with pair_coeff and
pair_coeff command must be used for most pair styles. If I exclude
the granular type from the pair_coeff list, then I get the error: "All
pair coeffs are not set." Steve, you mentioned augmenting the
granular pair style to accomodate this pair style in October so I was
wondering if you could update me. Lammps-users: If anyone has
already made this modification, please let me know. (By the way, I am
using the 21-May-08 build of Lammps with patches applied up to

Priscilla Fonseca

The issue is that pair_style granular doesn't need coefficients
set. I need to allow it so that is would work with hybrid. I'll
try to do it in the next month, as I'm making some other changes
to the code.