[lammps-users] implementing solid wall

I am looking for advice on how to implement a solid wall in my
simulation. In looking through the LAMMPS manual I noticed the "fix
wall/lj93" and "fix wall/lj126" so would be interested in getting
details from anyone who has experience in using these fixes,
especially with regards to the value of the epsilon, sigma and cutoff

Beyond simple potential walls - I was also looking into solid walls
made up of actual atoms that could be maintained at a constant
temperature. Are there any standard/typical ways to implement this
type of idea in LAMMPS? I've seen some examples using very heavy LJ
atoms, ghost/fixed atoms, etc...

The rest of the atoms in my system are simply monatomic LJ 12-6 atom,
which I am using to simulate Argon.

Many thanks in advance.


Re: solid wall, you can freeze a group of atoms composing a wall
or thermostat them separately.