[lammps-users] Installing reax package

# additional system libraries needed by LAMMPS package libraries
# these settings are IGNORED if the corresponding LAMMPS package
# (e.g. gpu, meam) is NOT included in the LAMMPS build
# SYSLIB = names of libraries
# SYSPATH = paths of libraries

gpu_SYSLIB =
meam_SYSLIB = -lmeam
reax_SYSLIB = -lreax
user-atc_SYSLIB =

meam_SYSPATH = -L/home/chenchen/LAMMPS/lammps-8May10/lib/meam
reax_SYSPATH = -L/home/chenchen/LAMMPS/lammps-8May10/lib/reax
user-atc_SYSPATH =

These settings are not meant for pointing to your reax lib within LAMMPS, but
to system libs needed, e.g. to link C++ with Fortran. See the manual doc pages
on building LAMMPS for details. There is an auto-generated src/Makefile.package
that should have the settings you list above.