[lammps-users] Is NEB ready for lammps now

Dear Steve and lammps team,
Thanks & rgds

dear tuoc,

you are obviously concerned about saving effort,
or else you would not place your question in the
subject line instead of the mail body and would
not use text message (mis)spelling (which i personally
find pretty annoying).

_however_, you don't seem to remeber that by
quoting a digested mail *in full* you force this
on everybody. how can you expect somebody
to care about your wishes, when you cannot
even be bothered to write a short e-mail from
scratch and instead do something that is generally
considered as extremely rude. remember that
your mail, and particularly the longish part that
everybody else has already seen and that has
no relevance at all to your request, is being copied
to _everybody_ on the list.

that all being said, you can answer your question
*very* easily yourself by looking at the following
web page: http://lammps.sandia.gov/bug.htm
this page lists are bug fixes and new features
and if something is not listed there or in the documentation,
it is not (yet) implemented. very simple.