[lammps-users] Lammps error with lammps executable

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I am trying to use windows LAMMPS exe file (without mpi). However, every time it gives the error: “Expected integer parameter in input script or data file”. I used the same input file from VC++ directly and it was running perfectly. I need to run the exe file for my work (without c++). Can anyone please give me a hint about the error when I try to run lammps using lammps executable: “lmp_win_no-mpi”. I am also attaching the input files for convenience. Please kindly let me know about this issue.

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poly.data (16.6 KB)

in.poly (716 Bytes)

your dihedral coefficient input in the data file is wrong.
check the documentation. current versions
of lammps will refuse to accept floating point
numbers for dihedral parameters when integers
are needed to avoid float to integer conversion errors.