[lammps-users] LAMMPS restart command


I have a confusion with LAMMPS restart command “restart N file1 file2”.
N means when I want to output in time.

I am confused with file1 , file2.

Should I use file1 or file2 to start my new simulation?

Also, If I run a simulation for 1000 time steps and in “restart N file1 file2”, I choose N=100 and if my simulation stops at 900 time steps, because the supercomputer does not allow long run simulation, What will be my file1 and file2 in this case?

I used write_restart command, I run simulation for 10^8 time units, but my simulations stopped at 10^7 time units and I was not able to save restart file, to do simulation again from the time it stopped, I did put ‘write_restart’ file after the ‘run’ command.

I read most of the questions in the LAMMPS mailing list but was not able to find a solution to my problem.


Sheikh Salahudin
National Institute of Polytechnic.
Chemical Engineering Department, France.

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You use whichever file is newer.

Please review the description of the restart command in the manual and also look at the information given on the read_restart documentation page.

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