[lammps-users] lammps

There is such task:
I want to create a simple model of a gas in which i'll shout fast
moleculas flow. In this flow there is few moleculas, bigger than gas
moleculas. I want to see a track of this fast moleculas (all of them)
I need to see track such detailed that each collision fast moleculas
with gas moleculas can be viewed. Also I need to see it depending on
the properties of the gas and the flow of fast moleculas

So, there is two questions;
1) Can I do it correctly, using lammps
2) Where can i find some book or papers about simulations using
lammps, cause there is just a number of commands in docs?

And if anybody building a model like this, can you show your script file.

If you create a very low desnity LJ lattice, it will be
a gas. Depending on your timestep and output, you
can track individual collisions as finely as you wish.