[lammps-users] log lammps

I have a problem when executing the input file where I find the log lammps file empty.

Any help?
Best regard

What input?

this the input file

in.LattCont (1.37 KB)

this is missing the data and potential file to be able to check it out.

your input has an error, which can be easily seen when running it interactively:

LAMMPS (24 Mar 2022)
Created orthogonal box = (-5 -5 -5) to (5 5 5)
1 by 1 by 1 MPI processor grid
ERROR: Not all per-type masses are set (src/atom.cpp:765)
Last command: minimize 1.0e-15 1.0e-15 10000 10000

Output to files is usually block buffered, i.e. it will not be committed to the file until a block is filled (typically 4096 or 8192 bytes have accumulated).
When a program aborts with an error before that, you will not get any output in the file. Output to the screen however, is line buffered and thus you will get that output.