[lammps-users] Martini force field for coarse grained model

Hi all,

I need to perform the coarse grained simulation of carbohydrates. I found from the literature review that martini force field could be a good choice. Is this available in Lammps package? I checked, but couldn’t get sufficient data regarding this. Or, could you please shed some light on this issue like how to do the simulation using Lammps.

Besides,I want to add that I built the model using material studio. Is there any way how to genethe Lammps data file?

Thanks for your patience reading. I appreciate it.


Hi Pinky,
I assume you have all the Martini forcefield and structure files ready. You
can utilize a tool name gro2lam (
https://github.com/hernanchavezthielemann/GRO2LAM) to convert the gromacs
formatted file to a LAMMPS data file.

Thank you!

Hi Dr. Mahmud,

I will check this.

Thank you.