[lammps-users] meam installation issues

Dear All,

I am new to LAMMPS (not to MD simulations). I have installed the latest version on my MAC Pro and it runs well for regular codes in the parallel version to. I have installed gcc and MPICH2 on the Mac. However, when I try to build for meam codes (after compiling with ifort in the lib/meam directory) it gives me the following errors:

ld: library not found for –lifcore

I also have installed ifort compiler. I do dnot think I have the following libraries in my intel or gcc compilers: lifcore, lsvml, lompstub, limf. I think this is an issue related to linking between C and fortran. I might be missing something critical yet simple.

Please advise. I apologize in advance if this is a repeat question that is already addressed in the forums.



Tapan, I have recently encountered similar issues but in the end I got the code to build using gfortran. I have attached the two makefiles I used, but you may need to modify them based on your compilers and path set up. Makefile.gfortran built the meam library and Makefile.mac built lammps and linked to that library.

Makefile.mac (2.39 KB)

Makefile.gfortran (1.49 KB)

If you installed Intel's ifort, you should have:


It may not be in your link path, in which case you haven't
followed all the steps to actually install your compilers.