[lammps-users] meam library: possible error


In the meam library files, calls to subroutine G_gam have different no. of arguments at different places. For example, in the file ‘meam_setup_done.F’, the calls to this subroutine in the function ‘phi_meam’ have 4 arguments as opposed to 5 arguments in the subroutine declaration. This was causing build error. Since, it seems that the last argument in the subroutine was ‘errorflag’, I added another argument ‘errorflag’ in the call to the subroutine, and was able to build the library and run the program. Is this the right resolution to the problem?

Is this incompatibility (in the no. of arguments) okay at some platforms and not okay at others?



I'll wait to see what Greg Wagner says about this.