[lammps-users] MEAM problem with LAMMPS 2010

Does it work if you add augt1=0 in your .meam file?

From the LAMMPS documentation:
The augt1 parameter is related to modifications in the MEAM formulation of the partial electron density function. In recent literature, an extra term is included in the expression for the third-order density in order to make the densities orthogonal (see for example (Wang), equation 3d); this term is included in the MEAM implementation in lammps. However, in earlier published work this term was not included when deriving parameters, including most of those provided in the library.meam file included with lammps, and to account for this difference the parameter t1 must be augmented by 3/5*t3. If augt1=1, the default, this augmentation is done automatically. When parameter values are fit using the modified density function, as in more recent literature, augt1 should be set to 0.