[lammps-users] movie out of example files

Dear All,

I am new to LAMMPS but managed to build both LAMMPS and xmovie and run a couple of example files. However, when I try to create a movie out of the dump files what I get is a black screen without any atom or anything. I tried examples Indent, Crack, and Friction and all behaved the same way. I even tried to change the direction in the xmovie window and also used the -2d option with xmovie command but did not work either. Here are the commands I use:

lmp_serial <in.indent

xmovie -2d -scale dump.indent
and also
xmovie -scale dump.indent

Could any of you guys help me out of this trouble? By the way, are you guys aware of any webpage where I can download some sample problems solved by LAMMPS preferably accompanied by a publication?

Many thanks


Sometimes the 1st frame will not appear until you play the movie. If you
see nothing after that, then xmovie did not build correctly on your system.

Re: LAMMPS papers - try the Publications page on the WWW site.