[lammps-users] msi2lmp test needed?


I recently discovered msi2lmp tool in lammps tools section. I was disappointed as well as pleased. I was disappointed since i had already written my code for polymeric system of my interest to do the same. However, i was pleased to see that now this can be used for any general polymeric system of my interest in future. Before i start using it, i just wanted to confirm from lammps developers if you think it is needed to test it for any possible errors? I am asking this since it is not a part of lammps official release and written by somebody external. I can potentially do such check and i already have my code for a specific system, but it is still a 2-3 days of work to work on the fine details. So if you could let me know above, that will be great.


It's an old piece of code, and I don't know how many people
use it. So I have no idea whether it is bug free. Only
that some people have used it successfully in the past.
If you or someone wants to upgrade/maintain it, that
would be great. Or contribute your new tool if you think
it's better.


Thanks, Steve.

My new tool is very specific to my membrane system and has limited user-friendliness. However, i can use it to validate this msi2lmp tool and see if there are any errors. If i end up doing that, i will get back to you with my feedback.