[lammps-users] Multiple Processors - mpirun

Hi all,

I am wondering if I can make my simulation run faster using the multiple processors ? I was using the “MPIrun” along with the partition command. “mpirun -partition 1x4 …” but didnt help. The details of my computer configuration are: SuSe Linux, 2 Intel xeon Processors, 8 Gb RAM and 1TB hard drive. Also is there any way I can increase the ‘RAM’ available for the input file and make the simulations run faster ?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

You don't want -partition 1x4, as that will try to run the same simulation
on 4 different sets of processors. You want to just run one simulation
in parallel. So if MPI is installed correctly on your box:

mpirun -np 2 lmp_linux < in.lj

It won't help to run on more than 2 procs, since that's all you have.